Nissan Sunny Overview

Nissan created a fair size sensation when it launched the Sunny back in 2011. This big-on-the-inside car delivered plenty of roominess for the money, and initially customers loved it. The Sunny’s run of success, however, was short lived. More attractive and better equipped new cars overshadowed its core strengths and Nissan’s strictly average service setup did it no favours either.Now Nissan is doing all it can to reclaim lost ground. The company has taken distribution and dealer development back from independent company Hover, the new feature-rich Sunny has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Indian car buyers, and Nissan is likely to offer the car at a really attractive price as well. Nissan Sunny price range in India is between 4,70,517/- to 7,04,046/, check for detail pricing of Nissan Sunny in Carzprice

Nissan Sunny Design

Nissan has retained the looks of the Sunny on the diesel variant as well. The front profile has the bulging look with the pearl drop designed headlights. The radiator grille has a chrome outline to it with the chunky Nissan logo in between.The bonnet line sits at a considerable height with a visually subtle rib section on it. This gives a profile to the otherwise simple design.On the side profile, a very high positioned shoulder line follows the pearl drop lights. There are subtle crease lines given on the side profile. They originate around the front bumper get hidden mid way and then continue to the rear towards the tail light. This is complimented by the chrome door handles.A long wheelbase of 2600mm gives it a big carish feel. The long travel of the roof line before sloping down to the rear along with the overall design of it looks like a scaled down version of the Nissan Teana. The styling cues look heavily inspired from the larger sibling, as similar to the Teana, there is an overhang at both front and rear sections of the car, though in a very balanced way.

Coming to the rear profile, a tall placed boot with the stretched tail lamps resemble the previous generation Swift DZire (now known as the Swift DZire Tour). The rear bumper design has been kept simple too and has similar creases as seen on the side profile.Overall, The Nissan Sunny is not a gorgeous looking car. However, it is a very practical looking car. The design is very balanced. It is a C segment car but its flowing design and big car looks help it to close in with the ones in the C+ bracket.

Nissan Sunny Cabin

It is the area that has gone under the hammer the most and appears drastically changed from the outgoing model of Sunny. The grayish interior shade has gone for a toss in favor of a more appealing and premium shade. Chrome accents are being placed at essential points while the all new 3-spoke leather strapped steering wheel is a revelation. Furthermore, the music as well as bluetooth controls are mounted on the right side of the wheel, followed by the silver inserts make it further sporty. The centre console is being done in Piano Black finish with silver finish on the sides. Nearby, there are two cup-holders in order to keep small belongings. The front doors are designed in a manner to have bottle holders along with pockets for maps and notebooks. The top-end variant comprises of leather seats as well as leather covered gear knobs. The Sunny sedan is really admirable for the knee room even for the rear seats. There is plenty of space at the back which makes it a perfect wagon for long drives.

Nissan has loaded an array of comfort and convenience features to this Sunny sedan. It in-houses an automatic climate control air conditioner where you can adjust the temperature of the cabin as per your desire, irrespective of the outside temperature. There are circular A/C vents at the rear too for the sake of rear seat occupants and these vents are more precise when it comes to air adjustment rather than the traditional ones. Moreover, there is a rear adjustable centre arm-rest with cup-holders along with adjustable rear headrests for the much needed convenience and comfort to the rear seat passengers. As for the infotainment, the Sunny comes loaded with a 2 DIN Wide-display Audio System with AM/FM radio and CD player. It also features a large, colored, easy to read display screen regarding the information on audio and songs. There is also a provision of bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming through which one can one can listen its favorite tracks stored in mobile on the audio system. The company has left no stone unturned to lure the music lovers as it has also provided an AUX and USB slot, by virtue of which one can simply connect the iPod or MP3 player and enjoy. Additionally, as mentioned before, the volumes can also be adjusted via the steering wheel and phone calls can also be received.

Nissan Sunny Gearbox

The Nissan Sunny Diesel is powered by the K9K 4 cylinder 1461cc, 8 valves SOHC diesel engine. This diesel unit is a tested mill as it features in Micra – Pulse twins as well as the D-segment sedan Fluence. However, this packs in more power than the hatchback twins. It produces 86 PS at 3750 rpm and makes a torque delivery of 200 Nm at 2000 rpm. It’s meted with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.As we had driven the petrol earlier, I was excited to drive the diesel and this excitement was rewarded well. This is a diesel car but the normal rattling of a diesel car is not felt at all, instead it feels balanced.

About the utility aspect of the features, the stock music system offered by Nissan in the Sunny is superb. The audio output quality is amazing and I miss the amazing sound quality of the Sunny in the present car, which I am reviewing. One disappointment about the entertainment system was no USB option, as it would have proved to be a complete package (Swift DZire ZDi offers it). One small mention about the music system, which I loved is, it doesn’t take time to switch on and start playing as soon as the vehicle is started. So the time lag between the playing of the track and the switching ON of the vehicle is very less.Air-Conditioning is decent and the front cabin gets cooled very fast, however the rear half of the cabin takes very long to cool and the supposed blowers aren’t of any relief in hot climates.

The impressive torque delivery in low rpms is evident when you start driving this. The engine is very reactive and must say this mill impressed me more than the petrol version. The gear shifts get notchy, if fiddled with very frequently. In city driving conditions one doesn’t feel any sort of lag in it and so coping with bumper to bumper traffic is not a punishment at all.Active response of the engine is felt in lower and mid-range rpms, however as the rpms go on increasing the engine response is not as much active. The Sunny diesel is not a very driver centric car so the engine and the performance levels have been kept very balanced and not aggressive. It’s more of an economically comfortable sedan with lots of legroom.

The long wheelbase doesn’t come up as a hurdle while handling the car through tight turns and curves. On the contrary, with the low end torque delivery and a swift electric power steering, maneuvering the car is actually fun and makes the Sunny very flickable.Breaking is not a very strong factor of the Sunny as it is laid back in response. If one is travelling at superb speeds, the brakes would take a good amount of time to bring the vehicle to a complete halt.

Nissan Sunny Driving

The Nissan Sunny flaunts an all new 3-spoke leather strapped tilt electric power steering wheel. It is quite light in maneuvering the sedan across the narrow streets and the sedan too responds almost instantly and precisely to the driver’s directions. The tilt steering wheel further facilitates the driver to adjust the steering position according to his/her comfort and convenience. Although, despite all this, the handling is just okayish. There is also a first-grade suspension system with Mcpherson Strut as front suspension while the rear one is Torsion Bar in the Sunny sedan. The manual transmission and the automatic transmission of petrol variants of Sunny touch the 100 kmph barrier from standstill in a mere 12.7 seconds and 12.1 seconds, respectively with a common top speed of 175 kmph. The diesel variant crosses the same barrier in a time frame of around 14-15 seconds with a top speed around 160 – 180 kmph.

Nissan Sunny Safety

Nissan always has taken care of this aspect cautiously and subsequently it has returned rich dividends to the company. In Sunny sedan, it has incorporated disc as front brakes while the rear braking system is drum. This primary braking system is complimented extremely well by the trio of Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) in each and every variant of this sedan. Also, driver airbag is a standard safety feature across all the variants. The top-end trim XV D features front fog lamps which are quite helpful during inclement weather. It also has the front passenger airbag while the paid optional trim XV D (safety) comes with additional side airbags for the front seat occupants. View offers on Nissan Cars from Nissan dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

There are also several alert systems included in the sedan such as low fuel level warning, door ajar warning, speed sensing auto door lock, headlight on warning lamp etc. to aware the driver of the tricky circumstances ahead. The company has also installed a heap of security features to encounter the thieves and lock-pickers. Nissan Sunny comes with Immobilizer, Central Door Lock, Key Remove Warning Lamp etc. as standard security features across all the variants. Additionally, the mid-level and top-end variants feature Anti-theft Device with Alarm and Seat Belt Warning Lamps as extra security features to keep you car protected from goons as well as bullies.

Nissan Sunny Price

Tata Tigor Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 4,70,517/- (Tigor XE Petrol) to 7,04,046/- (Tigor XZ O Diesel). Get best offers for Tata Tigor from Tata Dealers in India

Nissan Sunny Verdict

Nissan Sunny is already a favorite among the masses as the recent April sales figures of Nissan are a testimony of it. Out of the total 3467 units sold, The Sunny contributed a good 2,012 units. Nissan has sold 16,173 units of Sunny from the date of its launch.The Nissan Sunny, compared to others, is longer at 4425mm and has a longer wheelbase of 2600 mm. This makes the Nissan Sunny a “roomier” car compared to its rivals. As mentioned before, it is an aspirational C+ segment car and its dimensions and statistics prove the same. The Nissan Sunny can be pitched in between the C and the C+ segment. The company is also adding more number of dealers to its existing network. So would I buy a Nissan Sunny Diesel? Yes indeed, as it is very practical, the fuel efficiency is impressive and I get a big CAAAR at not a very big price.

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