Mahindra Scorpio Overview

The Scorpio is to Mahindra. This is a company’s tried and tested vehicle that has a lot of fan following. Of course, there is also the Big Mac, the XUV500 but it is the smaller one that is in good demand. An SUV that redefined the company’s image. From being a company that made Armada and Bolero to the new Scorpio. Those were the early days when Indian car market was booming. There were old models of European car brands and there wasn’t anything in the SUV, except the Safari. This also had its own set of issues and performance we a major concern. The Scorpio in 2001 added a breath of fresh air. Mahindra Scorpio On road price starts from 9,28,830/-. Check for price details of Mahindra Scorpio in CarzPrice.

Mahindra is on a verge on revamping all its products. First came the TUV300 with a new variant, then the KUV100 with NXT and now the 2018 Mahindra Scorpio facelift. This is the new-gen SUV that was launched in 2014, and has got a timely update. The changes are more mechanical and some minor cosmetic upgrades too. What does the Scorpio have on offer? Is it more features or better performance? Any additional features that make it a lot more appealing?

Mahindra Scorpio Design

So while the basic design is the same, Mahindra like recently has added a lot of busy element to the new Scorpio. While many found the design to be overdone when seen the first time, just like the XUV 5oo, it tends to grow on you. Ogle at it and you’ll notice that the Scorpio looks much more aggressive now.The front end is completely redesigned with a reshaped bonnet, projector headlamps and a more “toothy” grille.The LED strip in the headlight looks like a DRL but are actually parking lights which look like eyebrows and really attract a lot of attention at night. The good thing is that the new front does not look out of place considering the same age old silhouette is retained.

On the side, the pillars have been blackened and there are new 17-inch alloys compared to the previous 16 inchers. While the side claddings are body coloured in the S10 variant you see here, the lower S2 and S4 variants get unpainted, black cladding. The rear is where the designers seem to have got the busiest.A large matte plastic insert runs across the entire width of the tail gate which frankly does not gel well with the looks. While its does go un-noticed on darker shades, white is where it looks the most disconnected. Mahindra have omitted a tail-gate mounted spare wheel once again which is a big hit with SUV lovers in the country.Overall the design has definitely evolved but it does take time to get over the busy elements.

Mahindra Scorpio Cabin

The updated Mahindra Scorpio continues with the dual-tone black and beige treatment for the dashboard. There are no vast improvements and you get the same 6-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a new reverse parking camera (with dynamic assist). You also get Bluetooth, AUX, USB connectivity and Navigation but Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are still missing. Mahindra hasn’t done any changes to the door pockets as well and one will find it almost impossible to access the door pockets or even adjust the position of the seat when the doors are closed. The new S11 variant gets a sun-glass holder and auto-window roll up (window rolls up automatically when you lock the car). Some other features include automatic headlights, rain-sensing wipers, cruise control, TPMS, follow me home headlamps, projector headlamps with static bending function and climate control. The AC chills the cabin nicely while the seats are comfortable, however, the third row jump seats are best suited for kids.

Mahindra Scorpio Gearbox

The same 2.2-litre mHawk continues but with additional power. This engine now churns about 140bhp of power and close to 320Nm of peak torque. The power is bumped by 20bhp and 40Nm. The transmission is now a six-speed. This is the biggest change and the XUV500 has been transferred to the Scorpio. The 2018 Mahindra Scorpio facelift is available with three power ratings, the S3 gets 75bhp version, then the 120bhp is available on S5 and S7. The S7 even has 140bhp version and even the S11. All have five-speed manual except the 140bhp version. There is no automatic on offer at the moment.

The ease of driving the engine exists on the Scorpio. The power band is between 1300rpm to 3000rpm. After the engine revs without much torque or power. This is a good thing about this engine. As there is power at low speeds, it is very easy to drive in the city. There is sufficient performance from the engine. The engine is noisy and there is vibrations on the gear lever. The gear lever isn’t rubbery and has a smooth shift. There is some struggle when you put it in the reverse gear, which makes it a

Mahindra Scorpio Rideing

This is where Mahindra has worked upon the most. There is all-new hydroformed modular chassis which Mahindra claims is twice as stiff as compared to the outgoing car which means the chassis flex is reduced to a minimum. Also the new car gets all-new front and rear axles along with reworked suspension bits. To further keep the Scorpio’s roly-poly nature in check, Mahindra has also thrown in an anti-roll bar at the rear. And the moment you get behind the wheel, the difference is immediately felt. Ride quality has gone up quite a few notches and is much more absorbant. The damping is much better as well and even after going into a bump, the suspension settles down much quicker than before. However ride is still a little bouncy and thanks to its high centre of gravity, the Scorpio is always moving around.

Mahindra Scorpio Safety

Global NCAP has crash-tested the Mahindra Scorpio (with no airbags) and the SUV scored a poor zero star rating in adult occupancy test and a mere two-star rating in the child occupancy test. However, Mahindra is offering dual airbags and ABS starting from the S5 trim. Considering that the S11 trim costs over 15 lakhs, it would have been great if Mahindra had offered side airbags, at least as an option. Mahindra’s after-sales service is good and the automaker has a widespread network across India.View offers on Mahindra Cars from Mahindra dealers in Hyderabad at Autozhop

Mahindra Scorpio Price

Mahindra Scorpio Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 9,28,830/- (Scorpio Getaway 2WD) to 16,31,280/- (Scorpio S11 4WD). Get best offers for Mahindra Scorpio from Mahindra Dealers in India

Mahindra Scorpio Verdict

Mahindra has brought in these minor improvements to the Scorpio to keep the product fresh and most of these changes are more than welcome, especially the better performance. However, the Scorpio has certain downsides like average ergonomics and the not-so-comfortable ride. Keeping that aside, it has proven its mettle over the years that it is a tough SUV offering good performance on and off the road, the Scorpio continues to remain a good choice for people who want a full-sized SUV in this price bracket because options are limited to only this and the Tata Safari Storme while the other options are compact SUVs. As for Mahindra, they might have to put in some more efforts in the near future to launch a more modern and posh version of the SUV, especially when new rivals will start popping up in the market.

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